MJS – Michael Jackson’s Sculpture

A selection of Michael Jackson’s sculpture To create something uplifting and beautiful from life’s detritus is an idea I have been contemplating for some time, and one that is finally coming to fruition with a series of sculptures, which embrace this philosophy. I have always been fascinated by structure and form, the detailed anatomy of…


Exhibition at Art Decor Gallery, Whalley

Michael Jackson’s next exhibition is at The Art Decor Gallery, Whalley, BB7 9SG and runs from 21st April to 13th May 2017. The exhibition showcases a selection of paintings and sculpture. ‘Beachcombing’ is currently exhibited, and for sale, at the Art Decor Gallery. The painting is oil on canvas, sized 24″ x 18″ (61 x…


” Rays of Hope”

” Rays of Hope” I am currently working on a new collection of work for my next expo. Over the years I have enjoyed an evolution of style in my art. In my exhibition I will showcase some of my sculpture, as well as paintings with a more contemporary feel. This is a link to…



‘Seahorse’, a large scale garden sculpture: Recently I have spent more & more of my time on sculpture. I find it really satisfying to create something from nothing. The octopus I posted recently is a tabletop sculpture, unlike the octopus I created last year, which is for the garden. The indoor sculptures are more refined…



‘Octopus’ The idea of working in iron has been on my mind for some time. Is it recycling, or reincarnation? Using the detritus from peoples barns, each piece of iron has its own history, some are truly ancient and have been hand forged, used, and then forgotten. I like the idea of using all kinds…



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